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Change The Story, Change The World

By combining visual and musical elements to your spoken idea, the audience is able to experience your ideas both intellectually and emotionally.


"Sustainable Human's videos are magical at converting ideas in the mind to feelings in the heart. They have made an important contribution to conveying the emotional layers of my work."
Charles Eisenstein
Chris and Dawn have the ability to take a person’s idea and replicate it on video. This is no easy feat. Thank you Sustainable Human for helping communicate such an important message of ecosystem restoration for Rewilding Australia.
Rob Brewster
Rewilding Australia Director
"Chris and Dawn are master storytellers. They have the beautiful ability to match imagery and words to deliver powerful and evocative messages. Sustainable Human was an invaluable asset that brought our project to life, and a pleasure to work with!"
Frank Gjata
Gjata Blississippi

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Sustainable Human is a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to evolve human consciousness such that our society becomes capable of living in harmony with each other and the biosphere.
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