About us

Sustainable Human is a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to evolve human consciousness such that our society becomes capable of living in harmony with each other and the biosphere.

Our Vision

Humanity is at a pivotal crossroads in its evolution. Like the caterpillar who realized his time of growth cannot go on any longer and must begin its transformation, humanity also must undergo its metamorphosis from an ego-centric, life-destroying culture to an eco-centric, life-enriching culture. We see a vision for a more beautiful world, one in which all beings have a chance to be sovereign and thrive, one in which relationships to ourselves, to each other, and to the biosphere are restored and honored, one in which cooperation is seen as far more valuable than competition. We see a way to manifest this vision through the stories we tell each other.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist humanity in evolving its consciousness such that it is capable of living in relative harmony with each other and the biosphere. Realizing that human beings are guided by the stories they believe, we recognize that we must become aware of the stories we believe and how they shape our world. We aim to awaken humanity to the power of stories to remake our world, both individually and collectively. When humanity lives from the true story of interconnection, of interbeing, a vastly different human society and culture can emerge, one in which new solutions that seem impossible today will be obvious to all.

What kind of stories do we tell?

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About the Founders

Chris & Dawn Agnos

Chris and Dawn Agnos are soulmates who have connected around a shared mission and dream to co-create a life-enriching, empathic, and cooperative human society that finds its place within the broader web of life (rather than of on top of it). Dawn Agnos has extensive experience in business negotiation and management. Chris Agnos is an Industrial Engineer with a Masters in Sustainability from Columbia turned video storyteller. We are an independent couple unaffiliated with any government, corporation, or NGO.

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A Deeper Dive

Every culture has told a story that influences the way we think by helping its members make sense of who they are, why they are here, and how the world works. We use this information in order to figure out how we can best meet our physical, emotional, and communal needs. Depending on the dominant story that is told, people will behave in radically different ways to do what they believe will better meet their real or perceived needs. Sometimes our efforts succeed and we experience true bliss and contentment. But if our story is too limiting to provide outlets for its members to meet their true needs, the entire society will eventually break down. The takeaway here is that every human behavior, whether benevolent or malevolent, is an attempt to meet either a physical or emotional need and that the stories we believe greatly impact our ability to do that.

Modern civilization is based on a kind of thinking that believes that human beings are separate from Nature. This story, which is reinforced through religion, economics, and science says that Nature is basically dead matter with no inherent purpose of its own which allows us to do whatever we wish to it without remorse. Because we don’t see ourselves as part of Nature, we think that any harm we cause to it won’t affect us. We treat Nature as a limitless supply of raw materials to fuel our economy with a limitless capacity to absorb our waste as we aim to keep growing the economy indefinitely. This story of separation is not new. It has been with us since the birth of agriculture some 10,000 years ago. It’s only been in the last century that our impact has gotten to large for the planet to absorb. From this story of separation, anything that inhibits growth of the crop (or the economy today) is bad or evil and must be overcome. In this narrative, environmentalists become progress or growth inhibitors. All of this stems from this fundamental belief that humanity is separate from Nature.

We need to shift this underlying story to one that is based on the truth that humanity has always been and will always be part of Nature. We are dependent on the sun to provide energy to grow food. We are dependent on the air to live which is created for us (for free) by tiny little organisms in the ocean. We are an integral part of this community of life with the ability to observe and replicate healthy patterns that help life in all of its diversity to thrive. When we realize that Nature is also part of us, we will easily see that when we destroy it, we also destroy ourselves. Ecocide is just as illogical as suicide because they are one in the same. When we live from a story in which humans are part of Nature, we will become not only sustainable but regenerative. Because our current stories tell us the opposite, many people living today do not understand this simple truth that all life is interconnected.

This really is the most important question. Past conquerors have used the method of “believe my story or die” but I don’t think that will work too well with modern humans. We kind of like our freedom to choose. Often, we will even rebel against ideas that are good for us if we receive them by force. The only way to change the way we think is for us to individually and voluntarily choose to think in a different way. Think back in your own life at a time when you changed the way you thought about something. Usually, we have some kind of experience that our old way of thinking can’t explain. A new way of thinking was required to understand what happened to us. Our global story changes when enough individuals can no longer accept that story and begin living from another one. 


In many respects, the story of separation is crumbling all around us. The more the economy grows, the more isolated and lonely we become, and the harder it becomes to participate. The story loosens its grip over us and we become open to alternatives that are better able to help us meet our needs. Humans are social beings. We need to feel like we belong, like we matter, and we need to feel loved. This is a core human need. When these needs aren’t met, we will engage in really weird and potentially destructive behaviors to try to meet them. The new stories we tell need to be grounded in the values of empathy, compassion, cooperation, and love so that people can meet these core human needs without being conned into buying some new fancy product or service.

Humanity has become increasingly disconnected, aggressive, and apathetic towards one another. The corporate media does its best to keep us in a state of shock, confusion, and overwhelm. What we need is to know our true place in the interconnected, natural world. 


We are visionaries who create stories that will inspire positive social awareness and change. We believe that human beings are inherently good and when invited to do so, will participate in creating more meaningful and purpose filled lives. Our stories are an invitation to all generations to invest in creating the more harmonious and interconnected world our hearts know is possible. 

Until now, we have put everything we have on the line to help humanity in this historic moment in time. Most people think we must have deep pockets to have dedicated our lives to such a great endeavor, but nothing could be farther from the truth. 

Your recurring monthly donation will be used to create stories that will touch people in their daily lives all over the world. The governments, politicians, and corporate leaders are not going to save us. If we want to create a future of cooperation, collective engagement, and empathy, it will take stories like ours to help humanity understand one another again, and understand some of the most complex issues of our time.