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Our stories counteract mainstream narratives about human nature and the human story, educate about the value of the natural world, promote holistic and interconnected views of the world, cultivate future conservationists and activists, help people understand themselves and navigate their way through the awakening process, and find their place in a life of service and meaning.


Stories That Help You Understand Yourself

In a capitalist economic system where everything – including human beings – are commodified, many of us rarely get to know our true self. To do well in this society requires some level of emotional compartmentation. This leaves us feeling lost and not truly knowing ourselves, instead almost blindly following whatever manufactured desires are offered to us by consumer society. This series of videos is meant to help you understand yourself better, to help you get to know the real you. From there, entirely different lives are possible.

What is the one thing you must be willing to do in order to heal your trauma?
What if this is not a nervous breakdown – but a nervous break-through – a profound emotional cleansing, a dissolution of the false structures that have ruled your life, a breaking through to a more authentic state of being?

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