Volunteer with Sustainable Human

We are a husband and wife team who can see the vision for a more sustainable world but need your help to make it a reality.

How You Can Help

We know that most people do not have the time to commit to being a consistent volunteer, so we have set up our volunteer needs in a way that allows you to participate on a project basis. Come and be our consultant, create a strategy and train us to execute it, then be immortalized here for your contribution. We are a small team without any significant funding, but with your help, we can make an even bigger impact!

Fundraising Consultant

As a small non-profit, we stay dedicated to creating powerful stories. Can you help us set up a fundraising strategy to ensure we have the resources to reach our goals?


Help us make Sustainable Human accessible to more people around the world. Can you help us translate our videos? Start today!


Whether it is a hashtag strategy or a new social media network, can you help us create strategies to get our videos seen by more people?

Meet our volunteers

Javier Toy


Javier is a talented visual effects specialist that helps enhance Sustainable Human videos when the need arises.

It's a privilege to be part of a team that works towards revealing the hidden but great needs in our ever changing world.

wasif adeel

web developer

Wasif is a passionate web designer from Pakistan. He wants to make web sites elegant and easily accessible to everyone.

It is my firm belief that the common person can make this planet a better place to live. Watching a video from SustainableHuman made me think that this way of thinking and storytelling can change the world, so I joined the team and I'm proud of my choice.

Chris Hermann


As I am passionate about Technology, Psychology, Philosophy and constantly inspired by changemakers. Digital Marketing enables me to connect the dots by conveying, boosting and optimizing the message impact of change agents through communication and marketing technologies.

New perspectives that Sustainable Human content brings to light are for me a major consciousness shift that opens my eyes to brighter perspectives.

Ahmad Mohee

Translator - Arabic

Egyptian digital marketing strategist and political sciences researcher, passionate about sustainability.

I wanted to volunteer to help raise awareness about the power of storytelling by making Sustainable Human videos accessible to Arabic viewers.

Andras Vigh


Born in Hungary, studied sociology in the Netherlands and after a career as actor and musician in France, I am retired now and my wife and me try a sustainable lifestyle.

I looked to one of the videos of Sustainable Human by chance. The invitation to translate is a chance to do something for the globe. One drop of water...

Stefano Bechis

translator - Italian
I would describe myself as a quiet character; I designed and installed small solar and other renewables based systems around the world. Environmentalist, vegetarian, violinist, snowboarder, diver, and cyclist.

I find Sustainable Human videos awesome, those on Nature impressed me. I therefore decided to help them reach a wider public.

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