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Our stories counteract mainstream narratives about human nature and the human story, educate about the value of the natural world, promote holistic and interconnected views of the world, cultivate future conservationists and activists, help people understand themselves and navigate their way through the awakening process, and find their place in a life of service and meaning.


Stories That Empower And Inspire You

For thousands of years, we have lived in societies based on artificial forms of hierarchy. We’ve been ruled by emperors, king and queens, and now oligarchs. None of them are interested in your own empowerment and have told very sophisticated stories to keep you feeling disempowered and fearful.

We are not born disempowered. No wild animal is. They are born with trust in their instincts and inherent abilities to learn. To heal ourselves and our world, we must re-empower ourselves and these stories are designed to do just that.

How can we transform our role from Earth’s conquerors to its healers, reigniting the ancient wisdom that regenerate the Earth?

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