How We Measure Impact

How Do You Measure
Changing Hearts and Minds?

Most non-profit organizations are organized around quantitative results. We fed this many people. We distributed this many solar ovens. We built this many homes. All of that is valuable and needed work in the world.

But our mission is a bit different. We are trying to change the story of the world by creating and sharing stories that offer a more holistic, interconnected understanding of the world and our place in it. There is no quantitative measurement for that.

However, there are qualitative metrics for this work. They take their form in people’s words of gratitude. Because when people change their story and that new story offers them a different perspective that enables them to engage in the world in positive, healthy, pro-social, pro-environmental ways, they become grateful. The world is a anew again. 

How Can I Help?

Every organization needs to show their impact. This helps supporters know how they are impacting the world with their support. If you have been affected positively by our stories, please take a moment to share with us how.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


"I wish I could share this and spread it to the entire world. I understand your videos 100%. It is amazing and on the next level. I have been speaking about these things for so long but it is difficult to express it. Your videos are perfect in expressing my emotions of thought. I wish your message is spread across the globe. However there's a small percentage of people that takes note and thinks about things like this. Most people are just comfortable being robots of a system or they are blind to it. Your insight is amazing and may you go from strength to strength and I hope that these videos makes a difference in the thought processes of humans. May your videos spread to all 4 corners of the globe."
Mus'aad F.
"Thank you Sustainable Human for your incredible use of imagery and words in your videos. You are a resounding voice of coherence and mindfulness. I am deeply moved by your vision. Know that you have inspired deep conversations and thought with your posts in a world filled with chaos. Peace."
Michelle B.
There is addiction all around us - he’s so correct. I have an addiction to consumerism... and I was wrong - I thought I didn’t have anything I wanted to change... but I do. I want to live a more minimalist lifestyle. I don’t need all the “stuff” I have. I just opened a portion of my closet I forgot I had, and found 15 pairs of pants with tags still on. I will reduce my consumerism this year.
"In ten minutes on your page you have blown my mind completely and made me think deeper and harder about what we are doing to the planet and to ourselves please never stop making videos not till now have I thought of our destructive habits and how we take the very life source and conquer it then confine it into what we think is necessary for instance wrappers and packaging for products that all in time end up in the garbage slowly poisoning the Earth and our surroundings for false happiness when it's all around us and inside us how do we stop the cycle before it's to late I want my great grandchildren to live in a sustainable world without suffering and by the looks of things that won't be possible how do we make a major impact soon and widespread."
Goose M.
"I cry tears of joy reading your posts. You write things my soul has been telling me for years."
"I'm not sure what your doing to me, but you've helped me to see things differently. You are one more stepping stone on the path of understanding and your giving me lots to think about! THANK YOU. Please don't stop. It's making a difference to me."
"Almost everyday I wake, I watch a video from this group and I cry. I cry because each topic has impacted me over my life. I’ve thought deeply about them and I’ve always struggled to find solutions, often laying awake late at night asking who the fuck is responsible for all of this? Obviously we, and I mean we the people of this world, perpetuate these problems but if we find the source then perhaps something can be done about it. Over time, I found that asking how and why irrelevant because it won’t fix the problem. I’m so damn happy that this group exists and that it seems to be making an impact because I now think that asking who may be irrelevant too. I’ve always felt that if you inform and educate the people non-violently then perhaps we would see change, I’ve just never known how to. Thank-you for creating this group. Keep it up because I think it’s important for more people to cry everyday."
Tree W.
"These videos, snippets of someone else's thoughts and feelings which are not unlike my own help me to feel like I am not alone. Living among the masses who wake up every day and accept their circumstances as permanence. I am wholly unhappy with this world and my place in it, but I feel that my being aware and sharing my perspective will help those in my immediate circle to question this reality. We can change the course of the future together."
"Hey! I know you guys probably get messages like this all the time but I just want to say I love your page and message so much. Whenever I’m down and I feel like there’s no hope I watch one of your videos and it inspires and motivates me to continue with my personally journey towards our shared goal. It reminds me that I’m not alone in this struggle and that other people do understand and want a better future and that together, we can do it."
I was what your would probably call a typical American, genuine love of country and patriotic, genuine love of people and a desire to be a "force of good" in the world, (Though very confused.) Around 5 years ago, I realized what it meant to be a consumer. The word became gross. I could see for the first time, it does make a difference what I do on the planet. Then there was last year's political debunkel. People saying horrible things about others without even a thought. Many friends were lost as the insults pilled up, and I was left with a general distrust and loss of faith in humanity. #betteroffalone . Enter Sustainable Human. Last July, after being basically disabled for for for 5 years, I found a Dr who said he could help me. He began not looking at the symptoms, but the causes of the symptoms. And he treated that. Radical change in health care! And a radical change in my health. I believe this is what you have accomplished here. Your message hits at the heart of the human condition, and offers an alternative that just makes sense. The fact that your not trying to obliterate my ideals and demonize me, allows me to lower my defenses and hear your message, then much like my Dr., you treat the base problem of the human condition inserted of the symptoms. Keep doing what you do. I'll keep watching, keep learning, and making the changes in me that need to be made as I see them, hopefully. God bless you, instruments of peace.
Tony A.
"Love love love these insights and perspectives for change I believe in and wish to imagine. So so so grateful that this has come into my vision and I wish for the messages to be shared everywhere and beyond. If I imagine myself connected to the cyano-bacterium all is right and good with my world. Beautiful impactful visions in the most positive way. Gives me personally hope and courage to continue, mindfully. More support to ya"
"Thank you for making these important videos. They are certainly inspiring me to think outside the box, reassuring me that there are lots of other people who care and want to reconnect with Nature and who are willing to take action to reform our dysfunctional society"
Sherry McGarry, United Kingdom
Thank you!! I was really feeling hopeless and discouraged. I felt like I was preaching in the desert when telling people that we only have one planet, we are all citizens of the world, that everything is interconnected and that we need to stop destroying our environment because all the money in the world will not save us. I have a child and I have been losing sleep over the future that is going to be his, if any. I love all your videos, they match my way of thinking 100%, and I'm sharing the link to your website with all my English speaking friends, hoping that we can become a force for change.
Benedicte Raoul, Ireland
Your video clip "How To Have A Relationship With A Wild Animal" so simply beautifully supports me explain to other humans that we are no different from other mammals...that part in the clip,"Come here, come here, come here, I love you, love you, love you. They are not going to come to us. Instead they may call the police on us." It is so true, we impose on others, especially on kids ( with very good intentions) and wonder why the results are different from what we yearn for. Thanks so much for making these clips. They are such precious resource.
Sudha Kudva, Malaysia
Wolves have long been persecuted here in my region to the point of complete eradication by the 1930s. Much of that persecution was based on hate and fear of the species. The conflicts were dramatically overblown as a means for justifying extermination campaigns. A common phrase here: the only good wolves are dead ones. Your film How Wolves Change Rivers has done more to liberate the wolf from historic bias than anything else I've seen working in the field for wolf conservation for over 30 years. It has given millions of viewers a chance to reframe their image of wolves from the horrific beast of myth to an ecologically key driver of ecosystem health. I'm so deeply in gratitude for your work for all species but it is the wolf that has suffered so much in my region from our lack of understanding and compassion. Thank you. Howls from the northlands.
Suzanne Asha Stone, Idaho, US

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