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Our stories counteract mainstream narratives about human nature and the human story, educate about the value of the natural world, promote holistic and interconnected views of the world, cultivate future conservationists and activists, help people understand themselves and navigate their way through the awakening process, and find their place in a life of service and meaning.


Stories That Explain How Nature Works

Most of the human race is no longer living in accordance with the natural world. We have disregarded Nature’s principles in designing our human landscape. But Nature and all the animals haven’t stopped living according to Nature’s rules. They offer us so much wisdom and remind us of other ways we can live. There is so much that humans can learn from Nature. These stories remind us of Nature’s guidelines for creating healthy and thriving living communities.

Did you know bees can taste with their feet and shape their world in remarkable ways? What other secrets for sustainabel living do they hide?
What if nature’s most unassuming architects – the beavers – hold the blueprint to restoring our planet’s health?
Can you imagine trees communicating beneath your feet? What secrets do forests share through their hidden underground network?
Can a single species bring entire forests back to life and prevent devastating bushfires?
Could the giants of the ocean hold the secret to reversing climate change? Discover the unexpected role whales play in shaping our planet’s future.

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