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We help people, organizations, authors, and researchers tell a powerful story with the aid of musical and visual elements. We tailor the story such that your audience can understand your idea, product, mission, or research findings at both an intellectual and intuitive level.

Video Storytelling Examples

We create video stories across a wide range of applications. If you have a book, campaign, research, or a product that the world needs to know about, we can help you tell the story that will resonate. We also help individuals and organizations uncover and tell their story in a way that touches hearts and minds. Check out our example work below or click on a category to see only video stories of that type.

Author Jim Enderle wanted to make a video that told the story of how his experience in Iraq taught him what being human really meant. We created the script from a series of interviews with Jim as well as the video to tell his powerful story.
Our client is one of the most prominent therapists in dealing with wounds stemming from the maternal bond. We wrote the script and produced a video that could help introduce the concept of Mother Hunger to audiences around the world.
We helped our client, who is a director at a Fortune Global 500, tell a story directed at corporate executives about the many ways the pandemic upended corporate life in an effort to get them to adopt more humane approaches to workplace wellbeing.
George Monbiot is a gifted and accredited environmental writer. Together we worked on this script to bring the story of the Angel’s Glow to life. We utilized special effects to reenact scenes from the Civil War and animations to bring the soil underworld to life!
Fisheries and Ocean Canada has the job of trying to balance commercial fishing interests with ecosystem preservation. Part of that job is educating the public about endangered species. Together, we worked with many scientists to bring their valuable research to life with intrigue and wonder in a series of five videos – each on a different endangered species.
Our client is the author of Beyond War: The Human Potential For Peace. We created the script and brought his life’s work on Peace Systems to life using the power of video storytelling, making it suitable to a general audience.
Our client is a non-profit organization looking to launch a worldwide campaign to help others go vegan. They produced an app to help facilitate the movement and we created this story to help them understand how going vegan could help solve the climate crisis.
Our client created an app to help people reconnect with natural time. To do so, we helped write a script and create a video that explored the concept of time and how we relate to it, embedding scenes of his app along the way.
Our client has written several books and conducted incredible research on the emotional development of children. Together, we wrote a script that dispelled the myth that humans are selfish and competitive by nature and offered an alternative story of human nature.
After the Notre Dame fire in Paris, our clients became incensed at the proposal that dozens of century old oak trees would be cut down to help restore the cathedral. We helped her create this powerful story to show the world the magnificence of these amazing beings.
Our client is world renowned for his work on studying grasslands and had published many scientific papers discussing the harm of indiscriminate tree planting on them.Together, we wrote a script personifying grasslands and told a story from their perspective.
Our client created an organization to help people to connect with each other in a real way to remind us of our common humanity. We helped bring the vision of her organization to life in this video story.
This video was sponsored by an individual, Andres Pira, who wanted to bring a message of simplicity and hope in these trying times.
Our client breeds amphibians and reptiles to reintroduce them into ecosystems where they have been decimated. We helped him to write a script and create a video that would associate wonder with amphibians in people’s minds while also educating them about their importance to ecosystems.
Our client is a NGO dedicated to stopping illegal wildlife trade. Many harmful diseases are released into human populations because of it. We helped them create a campaign to associate the cause of the pandemic with illegal wildlife trade.
Our client wrote this amazing poem and another musician put it to words and a beat. We simply added the imagery to create this amazing music video that has inspired all who’ve watched it to do the inner work necessary to heal ourselves and the world.
Our client wanted to create a promotional video for her book so we selected an appropriate passage from her audiobook, added music and imagery, to create this powerful and provocative story of self-empowerment.
Our client is a vegan activist who became concerned by two reports indicating a severe decline in wild animal populations. We helped him create a video to sound the alarm bells and ask people to consider adopting a vegan lifestyle to do something about it.
Our client, Ecosia, is a search engine that plants trees. They were looking to spread awareness of their mission through the use of native advertising. We created this video to educate people about the importance of trees in providing habitats to all the wild creatures in the world.
Our client is a rewilding expert who was looking to reintroduce Tasmanian devils as a solution to many environmental issues in Australia. Piggybacking on the success of How Wolves Change Rivers, we helped him tell the trophic cascade story Aussie style.
Our client, Ecosia, is a search engine that plants trees. They were looking to spread awareness of their mission through the use of native advertising. We created this video to educate people about the importance of trees in providing habitats to all the wild creatures in the world.
Our client created a song about citizens taking it upon themselves to reclaim the streets for their own community purposes. We helped them bring it to life by creating this music video for them showing people coming out of their houses to reclaim the streets!
Our client had initially produced a parody of Charlie Chaplin’s famous speech in an effort to turn our collective attention inward. We helped him bring his production to life with music and imagery to animate the story.

Client Testimonials

Our Process


Developing The Script

We will assist you in creating the perfect script for your story that communicates your message to your target audience. We work collaboratively with you to ensure that your story is interesting, exciting, and relevant to your audience. We can also work with your existing talk, speech, or article to bring it to life if such assets already exist.


Recording The Script

We always encourage our clients to use their own authentic voice to narrate their story, but we can also help to facilitate the use of a professional voice over if desired. Either way, we will be there to guide you during every step of the process.


Creating the Video

We’ll take your recorded script and apply appropriate music and video imagery to bring your story to life. We’ll work together in a collaborative and iterative approach to ensure that all imagery is approved to your satisfaction. We will recommend any additional visual effects to be included and create those as well. Finally, we’ll put the video through our sound effect treatment, professionally integrating and adjusting the sound levels and adding sound effects to truly bring your video to life.


Launching the Video

We will advise you on a launch strategy for your video to help it reach as many people as possible. Please inquire about your desire to launch your video through our own social media channels reaching millions of people. Video stories launched through Sustainable Human must align with our mission.

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