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Our mission is to address the very roots of our economic, social, and sustainability crises by helping people understand the power of stories and offering new stories that enable people to live more fulfilling and meaningful lives. Because human behavior is a product of the story we believe, any lasting change can only be made if humanity voluntarily chooses a new story. We help this process by creating video stories that embodies the knowledge that all of life truly is interdependent and interconnected. 

Two Ways To Participate

Please note all positions below are volunteer positions

Ambassador Opportunities


Animators create animations for specific videos that enable viewers to visualize abstract concepts.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers help to create visual aids for videos like thumbnails and posters as well as individual "quote pics" to be shared across social media platforms


Promoters serve a vital role in helping to spread awareness by helping video stories get seen by more people.​


Researchers help to research important data and statistics to reinforce the video stories.


Translators help to translate our original Sustainable Human video stories into all other non-English languages.

VFX Specialist

VFX and composite specialists create enhancements to video imagery that enhance the audience's understanding of a particular concept.

Coordinator Opportunities

Accountant Consultant

The accountant role will advise the Sustainable Human team of all compliance, tax, and legal issues as they pertain to organizational objectives.

Business Consultant

The business consultant role will advise the Sustainable Human team of strategies to find new video storytelling and sponsorship clients.

Fundraising Strategist

The fundraising consultant role will advise the Sustainable Human team of various fundraising strategies and techniques and oversee the deployment of those strategies.

Instagram Guru

The Instagram guru role will advise the Sustainable Human team of strategies to adopt our video content and messaging to Instagram audiences.

Social Media Strategist

The social media strategist role will advise the Sustainable Human team of strategies to further our reach on social media platforms.

Web Designer

The web designer role will design web pages for the sustainablehuman.org pages to meet various organizational objectives.

Web Developer

The web developer role will implement designs created by the web design team  to meet various organizational objectives.

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Sustainable Human is a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to evolve human consciousness such that our society becomes capable of living in harmony with each other and the biosphere.
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