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We will transform your speech, research, or idea into a powerful video story that will help your audience understand it at both an intuitive and rational level. Whether it is a campaign, new scientific research, organization, or product, we will bring it to life with a story that will resonate with hearts and minds of your desired audience.

Client portfolio

Our stories counteract mainstream narratives about human nature and the human story, educate about the value of the natural world, promote holistic and interconnected views of the world, cultivate future conservationists and activists, help people understand themselves and navigate their way through the awakening process, and find their place in a life of service and meaning.

Our Process


Developing The Script

We will assist you in creating the perfect script for your story that communicates your message to your target audience. We work collaboratively with you to ensure that your story is interesting, exciting, and relevant to your audience. We can also work with your existing talk, speech, or article to bring it to life if such assets already exist.


Recording The Script

We always encourage our clients to use their own authentic voice to narrate their story, but we can also help to facilitate the use of a professional voice over if desired. Either way, we will be there to guide you during every step of the process.


Creating the Video

We’ll take your recorded script and apply appropriate music and video imagery to bring your story to life. We’ll work together in a collaborative and iterative approach to ensure that all imagery is approved to your satisfaction. We will recommend any additional visual effects to be included and create those as well. Finally, we’ll put the video through our sound effect treatment, professionally integrating and adjusting the sound levels and adding sound effects to truly bring your video to life.


Launching the Video

We will advise you on a launch strategy for your video to help it reach as many people as possible. Please inquire about your desire to launch your video through our own social media channels reaching millions of people. Video stories launched through Sustainable Human must align with our mission.

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