sustainable human video library

Our stories counteract mainstream narratives about human nature and the human story, educate about the value of the natural world, promote holistic and interconnected views of the world, cultivate future conservationists and activists, help people understand themselves and navigate their way through the awakening process, and find their place in a life of service and meaning.
Our stories are experientially designed to resonate at both the intuitive and intellectual level.
How did the soil help to heal wounded soldiers in the civil war battle of Shiloh, Tennessee?
Why do doctors continue to overlook the long term effects of childhood trauma on the health of adults?
How do the biases within Western medicine keep us from understanding the source of many chronic physical and mental illnesses?
What does it take to resist radical evil and how can this knowledge help us toward intelligent resistance?
Why is worshipping celebrities so destructive to both ourselves and our world?
Where does our “need to be right” come from and how is it holding us back?
What are mother trees and how do they communicate and share resources with each other?
Why do people continue playing the game of “Who’s Right” when we all know that playing the game of “Making Life Wonderful” is what we really want?

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