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We will transform your speech, research, or idea into a powerful video story that will help your audience understand it at both an intuitive and rational level. Whether it is a campaign, new scientific research, organization, or product, we will bring it to life with a story that will resonate with hearts and minds of your desired audience.

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Stories are the best way to bring awareness to an issue that you care about. Through storytelling, we are able to help viewers understand a topic at a deeper level, because the issue is embedded within context that relates to their lives. Find out more about how we can help launch your environmental or sustainability campaign to our millions of followers on social media.

Would You Sacrifice The Ancient Oaks?
By the end of March 2021 (before the sap rises), the French government plans to sacrifice up to 1,500 ancient Oak trees—each 150 to 200 years old—to rebuild the spire of the Notre Dame cathedral. This equals approximately 52 acres, or 26 soccer fields of this keystone species. These Oaks are already rare treasures, with hardly any left in Europe.
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End Pandemics
Most pandemics begin when an animal virus mutates and jumps into a human host. The more contact that human beings have with animals in the wild, the higher the chances of more pandemics in the future. To end pandemics, we must end the wildlife trade.
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Year Zero : When Wild Animals Are Gone
Human beings are appropriating ever increasing amounts of nature for their own use, leaving wild animals very little room to live. Taking a look at some alarming trends, Year Zero is a sobering wake up call to prevent the loss of all wildlife on Earth but also offers a realistic solution to the crisis.
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Video stories are a interesting and dynamic way to communicate your data or research findings. Let’s face it – data can be boring for many people to try to understand. It just doesn’t relate well to people’s everyday experience. Stories are the vehicle through which people understand the world and they can be an excellent way for scientists, researchers, and academics to communicate their important work to the broader public. Find out how we can help you tell the right story to help the world learn from your critical findings.

The Untold Story Of Grasses
With all the focus on tree-planting these days, very few are remembering the many ecosystem contributions of the grasses of the world. Professor William Bond has devoted his life to studying the wide range of benefits that grasses bring to the world and together we crafted this video story to bring their story to life.
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Breaking The Cycle
Breaking the Cycle illustrates our capacity for breaking our current Cycle of Competitive Detachment and returning to the pattern of 95% of our human history: a healthy, peaceful Cycle of Cooperative Companionship. Breaking the Cycle is based on the multi-award-winning book, Neurobiology and the Development of Human Morality: Evolution, Culture and Wisdom, by Darcia Narvaez, PhD.
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How Devils Heal Forests
Recent research indicates that Tasmanian devils could be the ecological solution to Australia's non-native cat and fox populations that have decimated the populations of the small mammals responsible for keeping a healthy forest.
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How Amphibians Restore Balance
To The Land
Rewilding expert Harvey Tweats has been helping to restore amphibian populations to the wild. We helped him create a video that tells their story including all of the ecosystem benefits and beauty they bring to the world.
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Every organization has a story. The better you are able to communicate your organization’s story to your audience, the more likely they will be to participate in it.  Find out how our story development process can unearth your story and communicate your mission, intention, and purpose in a way that resonates with your audience. 

Ancestral Healing
Daniel Foor is a ritualist and educator focused on helping others to reclaim their innate capacity to relate with their ancestors and with the greater web of other-than-human kin. Here, we helped him create a short story to help his audience understand his course on Animist Psychology.
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Junto Social Network
Junto is a new breed of social media founded to rebalance our relationship with technology whose goal is to move beyond today's extractive paradigm through more human-centered design, distributed technology, and a nonprofit approach. We helped Junto tell their story.
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The Tri
The tri (tree) is a group of changemakers, social entrepreneurs and friends working together to promote healthy living and sustainability who asked us to help tell their story.
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Let's B Real
Let's B Real is a movement founded by Sophie Wong, designed for Gen Z to have a place online where they can Be Real about the major issues facing the world and future generations today. This video was created to help introduce her organization.
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Stories are key to launching new products. They help your potential user understand the needs that your product is helping them to meet. A story is different from a normal product advertisement as it embeds the product contextually in people’s lives. Check out the examples on how we have been able to devlier this experience for our previous clients.

Monad - A New Paradigm of Time
Our lives are driven by mechanical clocks that separate us from experience natural time. Monad is an app developed by Keith Whitten that helps you reconnect with natural biological time. We helped Keith tell the broader story of how we experience time and the various ways that we can experience time naturally.
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United In Heart Climate App
United in Heart aims to promote veganism as a solution to climate change. They have developed an app that helps people spread awareness about the vegan climate solution as well as assist individuals with resources for going vegan. We developed this story to help bring awareness to their app.
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Our Process

I. Developing The Script

We will assist you in creating the perfect script for your story that communicates your message to your target audience. We work collaboratively with you to ensure that your story is interesting, exciting, and relevant to your audience. We can also work with your existing talk, speech, or article to bring it to life if such assets already exist.

II. Recording The Script

We always encourage our clients to use their own authentic voice to narrate their story, but we can also help to facilitate the use of a professional voice over if desired. Either way, we will be there to guide you during every step of the process.

III. Creating the Video

We’ll take your recorded script and apply appropriate music and video imagery to bring your story to life. We’ll work together in a collaborative and iterative approach to ensure that all imagery is approved to your satisfaction. We will recommend any additional visual effects to be included and create those as well. Finally, we’ll put the video through our sound effect treatment, professionally integrating and adjusting the sound levels and adding sound effects to truly bring your video to life.

IV. Launching the Video

We will advise you on a launch strategy for your video to help it reach as many people as possible. Please inquire about your desire to launch your video through our own social media channels reaching millions of people.

Video stories launched through Sustainable Human must align with our mission.

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