To The Ones Consumed By Darkness

What must we address if ever hope to achieve lasting peace?

Each of us needs to examine our intentions and the energy inside us. Peace is possible when we focus on meeting our unacknowledged emotional needs, both individually and collectively. When we don’t do that, we project and externalize our hatred and anger – our darkness – on to the world.

To the ones consumed by darkness,

We see you. We understand you. We forgive you. We know that you feel are threatened and are desperate for security and control. We know that you are blinded by the illusion that without power, you are nothing.

Please allow love to heal you and your perceived enemies.

You are one of us and you owe it to yourself to experience joy. There is no joy in constantly being in a state of fear and hatred. Please allow yourself to be free. Please allow yourself to experience love and connection with your fellow living beings. There is another way of life that is even more delightful than whatever you are trying to protect or possess — one that does not involve suffering. Please allow yourself to discover that wonderful life.

We thank you for serving as the great common enemy that unites us all and empowers us to manifest light that is of equal greatness. We do not seek to destroy you. We only seek to put an end to this era of suffering.

We acknowledge your significance, so please come back to our side and lend us your strength.

Lend us your great power to create a better reality.

One without enemies.

One without war. 

One that cherishes the sacred relationship between all life.


Inspired by a blog: “Understanding Darkness

Music by:

“The Light Within” – Blake Ewing



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