How To Communicate With The Wild

Can you imagine what it’s like to truly understand and communicate with the wild around you?

In this enlightening video, animal whisperer Anna Breytenbach delves into the fascinating realm of interspecies communication. By immersing herself in the perspective of different species, she uncovers their motivations and behaviors, emphasizing the importance of understanding animals not just as species, but as individuals with unique personalities, needs, and desires. Breytenbach explains how this empathic approach can bridge the gap between humans and animals, fostering a deeper connection and mutual understanding.

Through a series of imagined activities, viewers are encouraged to step into the physical reality of various creatures. By visualizing life from the inside of a goldfish bowl or feeling the scales of a fish, we begin to lay the groundwork for truly perceiving an animal’s thoughts and feelings. This exercise in empathy allows us to tap into the relational field that already exists between all living beings, where instinct and intuition play a crucial role.

Breytenbach also touches upon the concept of “contextual instinct,” where our unconscious mind picks up on the subtle cues and signals from the natural world around us. By asking pertinent questions and tuning into the energetic landscape, we can discern the needs and conditions of animals, plants, and other beings, translating their messages through our own experiences and emotions.

In a world increasingly characterized by separation and distraction, Breytenbach urges us to reconnect with the natural environment and its inhabitants. She highlights the profound impact of feeling a sense of belonging and acting with deep care for all living things. By nurturing our relationships with nature, we can enrich our lives and rediscover the beauty of direct, experiential learning. This video serves as a powerful reminder of the intrinsic connections that bind us to the wild and the wisdom we can gain from truly listening to what nature has to say.

If one really gets into the perspective of a different species, to imagine what it might be like to be that species in their environment, with their priorities, with their dominant sense, and with their ways of going about things, I can literally know from the animals perspective what their motivations are.  And for any behavior, there’s always a reason that’s driving that behavior. And then beyond even the species perspective, we also need to be able to get into the perspective of the individual. Much like humans, different individuals have different personalities, different needs and wants. 

Then to set about an empathic understanding, it’s not inappropriate to start that with an imagined activity. What might it be like to be that goldfish in that bowl in the doctor’s waiting room? And it helps a lot to first imagine their physical reality. Place yourself as if you were on the inside of the bowl looking out and seeing all the surrounding furniture from that perspective. Now imagine what it’s like to be wearing that skin and scales or body covering. Once we begin to imagine what it might be like to be inhabiting the five sensory world of that creature, we are laying the very good foundation for us to be able to perceive that individual being’s particular experience and thoughts and feelings about things.

When one drops into the relational field that’s already there, perception and information just sort of arises and maybe seeps into our awareness more because we are quiet for once and we are focused. Whatever is reverberating through the field becomes available for perceiving and is being done so on the unconscious level. Our instinct isn’t something that we have to switch on, nor is it entirely individual. Our instinct is contextual. 

And perhaps the art of asking a certain question to sort of pull out whatever just really is important to that other being like they’re they’re in pain, or they’ve got a need is what’s going to be quite loud on that energetic landscape, speaking from a quantum physics point of view, and so that will automatically come to my attention. But what’s happening is that those emissions of what is – thoughts, feelings, circumstance, state of dehydration of a tree, injured left wing of a bird, these have just been broadcast into the space as our thoughts and feelings by the way. 

And until those incoming bits of data filter through my mental database of vocabulary, life experiences, emotions, images, and find a match, I wouldn’t know about it. If I’m connecting with a young elephant, who’s perhaps been found wandering around and, and separated from the herd, and I’m feeling their separation anxiety, what might come first to my mind is  my own personal memory of first day at school when I was five years old because I was experiencing separation anxiety then. And that’s because the energy is a match. 

So several people standing in front of the same animal might translate the incoming messages differently within themselves, and nobody will be wrong. I might get a memory of my first day at school, the next person might in a very dry, technical way, just see the words “separation anxiety” in their mind’s eye, Somebody else might just get the raw emotion.

We are suffering from a great separation sickness ourselves. And in our days of rush, we’re kind of crushing our spirits. We have short attention spans, we demand immediate gratification, we’re permanently distracted. We’re not even long with our own pets in the evenings. We might be there as a sort of hollow skin bag, but we’re on devices or watching something distracted in our minds. And the animals just sit there looking at us like “Hello, lights are on but no one’s home.”

If we again allowed ourselves to have the feeling of belonging, and to surrender into that so deeply, our very actions, our very choices would be prompted by our surroundings. We would never dream of buying a toxic detergent to use in our worldly homes, because we would care about the spiders further down in the drainage outside or the ants getting poisoned. We would deeply care. And we would delight at how much that little stalk of moss had grown overnight. We would delight without needing to make concepts. And certainly without any strange view of there being relative value, and relative importance or relative intelligence. 

I wish I hadn’t spent quite so much time on trying to understand it because truly experience is the only real teacher. And it’s just so beautiful to be so directly related to these other beings. Gosh, you know, it was hours that’s been ferreted away and nose in books, I could have been just chatting with a butterfly or lying on a blade of grass and having a conversation.

“We humans have gone far , far very far away from our herd (which is other beings on the planet) and developed our own way of living, perceiving, thinking, producing, reproducing and some many things which are un-natural and against our ‘basic’ nature of our being…Time to return to our home and i see its a very difficult path and humans are very slow to learn and adapt. Wonderful video – diving back into nature.”

“Thank you for your wise words. Now the phone stays off when I get home.”

This is very beautiful and I can feel the truth of what you are saying. Thank you 🙏🏼 ❤”

“I feel so heard and felt and so coming back home when hearing this always. I sometimes just sit somewhere and feel my throat chakra wanting to say something and notice it’s the tree next to me wanting to say something. Nature is magic, we are magic, the miracle and oneness can only happen in equality and love for all beings.”

“I have been working to master the notion of listening to what the Universe is trying to tell me now for about 12 years. It is an ongoing thing. This video and Anna have now added more dimension to it. It I would seem that the dynamics are the same for what she extols here and what I have even working on. So glad I came on to this.”

“That is such a great feeling, this is truly deep in Buddhist belief, I have a lot to learn.”

“So glad this popped up on my feed! Good food for the spirit and intelligence.”

Separation anxiety for sure. humans are separated from everything around them Addicted to distraction….. Not good 😫”

Thanks for the most profound insight. This sadly reminds us how far we have lost from the nature and have completely lost our communication and connection with nature. Advanced spiritual masters are having infinite love towards all sentinent beings, there aura is so pure that those who came near them are instantly feel safe and positively charged. They say that if your heart is totally opened then a single blade of grass can give you enlightement or you can hear what plants or even ants are speaking. Thanks for sharing 👌👍🙏”

My growing awareness led me to stop supporting the meat, egg and dairy “industries” … Since then, my awareness has grown tenfold & it’s become very difficult on a heart level to exist at all as I am so ashamed of the species I am member of. It’s one thing to destroy our own species, but we are taking down with us ever other species too 😥”

What are we doing..the fact that this piece of DEEP TRUTH spoken in the most beautiful way possible..that it is taking such an obscure place in this digital world of ours.. Nature, you outplayed yourself with humans.”

“Finding this woman’s youtube videos has changed my life. Im autistic, and this has validated how I communicated as a child, and gently led me back to skills I thought were gone forever. We have so much to learn about love.”

“Wow just imagine if we all could see like this woman what a beautiful world it would be. She is as close to an angel as these eyes have ever seen”

“Wow. I would like to see this video on the curriculum in every school, at every level. I am moved to tears by the truth and wisdom contained in it. Thank you Anna.”


To learn more from the speaker, Anna Breytenbach, please visit her website.

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Particles – Tony Andersion

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